Artist Statement

In media ranging from marble to plaster, clay to glass, I explore the dynamism and movement of this marvelous structure, the human form, that contains our feelings, ideas, beliefs and memories. Through choices like glorification of imperfections, exaggerated texture, and situational poses, I push beyond classicism, creating a modern language of gesture and expression.

I often work from direct observation of a model, sculpting a figure in clay from which a mold is then made to prepare for plaster, glass or bronze accordingly.

In most recent years, I have taken to casting in glass. Whether creating a full mold or stamping a model in the sand, I find the whole process deeply gratifying, down to the pour of the molten glass. I have been entranced by this translucent medium, a conduit of light and color, which has brought forth exciting new elements of energy and visual language.

Calm of Heart, cast glass sculpture, Doug Holtquist